Wappointment is a user-friendly appointment booking plugin for WordPress. Its essence is to take away the pain from service based businesses willing to fill up their agenda in a reliable way.

Why Another Appointment Booking Plugin

It all started with one of our clients providing coaching sessions to business owners. They needed a reservation system to manage their daily appointments.

They had a few requirements :

  1. Making an appointment must be straightforward
  2. Manage their weekly availability, easily set recurring and punctual availability
  3. Connect their personal Ical calendar to the system
  4. Avoid double booking, must be 100% reliable
  5. Make sure their clients remember their appointments thanks to Email and SMS reminders
  6. Make appointment on behalf of their customers from the admin panel, because flexibility is key with old school customers

Basically what they needed is a system that made their life easier. They had a solution put in place already, but it  was unreliable, shabby and impossible to configure.

Our first idea was to set them up with a simple WordPress site and an existing booking plugin, but at the time, looking at the existing solutions we were not convinced by any of them.

Either they were completely outdated in terms of design and used technologies or overly bloated and complex to teach to our customers. Therefore we started to work on a tailor-made solution using Laravel and Vue.js.

Within a week we had a working prototype, few weeks and few bug fixes later we had a solution that our customers could rely on.

Why Port It To WordPress

  1. One of us already had a successful experience back in 2011 bootstrapping one of the most popular newsletter plugin for WordPress and therefore was feeling ready for that challenge
  2. WordPress is 34% of the web and keeps growing every year, we believe there is space for new innovative solutions
  3. We do believe that the first contact with a prospect needs to reassure, having  a clean appointment reservation system would help a lot of business owner

Who Are We

We are a tiny team of 2, dedicating hundreds of hours every week to that open source project. Our purpose is to make service professionals’ life easier. We want to empower freelancers and small businesses with a professional looking and free appointment booking system.

Elena is the designer, she makes sure the plugin remains simple for everyone. User experience is central, every single click counts. Her biggest passion making sure you feel at ease interacting with our application.

Ben is the technical guy in charge of making sure every single operations runs smoothly, backend, frontend, servers provisioning and deployment. For him every bug you found is an opportunity to refactor and get closer to perfection (as if it was reachable…).

Next To infinity And Beyond!

While we are already done with the most basic needs of appointment reservation, there are tons of addons ideas we are currently planning for future development. You can check out our addons page, and also please let us know if you have any ideas of improvements, we would love to hear from you.