Supercharge your Booking System

All in one pack

All in one pack

Get all of our released and upcoming addons in one simple bundle and save more than 200€


Services Suite

Services Suite

Boost your booking system to provide more booking options to your clients.

  • Multiple services
  • Multiple durations per service
  • Multiple locations (Office1, Office2, etc..)
  • Custom Fields
  • Scheduling Conditions
  • Lock booking widget to 1 service only (optional)
Appointments for WooCommerce

Appointments for WooCommerce

Sell your time using WooCommerce for WordPress.

  • Sell individual sessions
  • Sell packages of hours or sessions
  • Clean checkout integration within your booking process
  • Use any  WooCommerce's payment methods (Stripe, paypal, etc...)
Group Event

Group Event

Create online and physical group events having as many participants as you need.

  • Ideal for classes, meetups, conferences any group event you can think of
  • Set a time in which multiple people can book you
  • Quickly set a recurrent group event from your calendar


Improve your offer selling services in packages of sessions or hours.

  • Give your clients choice
  • Create packages for specific services
  • Set an expiry date for your packages
  • Simple redeem process with a package code for new bookings
Calendars & Staff

Calendars & Staff

Manage your team , add more staff  for your clients to book from.

  • Unlimited Staff
  • Allow each Staff in different timezones
  • Each staff can provide his own services
  • Lock booking widget to 1 staff only (optional)
Calendar Sync

Calendar Sync

Receive your appointments straight in your personal calendar

  • Get your  appointments straight in your agenda
  • Works with any personal calendar supporting .ICS URL subscription
  • iCal, iPhone, iCloud,  Outlook Calendar, Microsoft exchange and many more ...
Stripe Payments

Stripe Payments

Allow credit card payments with one of the most popular payment technology.

  • Get paid with VISA, Mastercard, Amex
  • Simple credit card payment form
  • Accept all major debit and credit cards from customers around the world
Paypal Payments

Paypal Payments

Get paid with one of the most trusted names in payments.

  • Make sure all Paypal account's owner can pay you quickly
  • Get paid with Credit cards and many local payment technologies
Twilio SMS

Twilio SMS

No more no-shows, make sure your clients remember their pending appointments.

  • Remind your clients of their pending appointment
  • Create as many reminders as you want
  • Learn about Twilio's pricing
All of our licences give you lifetime usage.

Wappointment Is Continuously Getting Better

Coming up

  • Customer Reviews
  • MailChimp
  • Outlook Connect
  • Statistics
  • Translations
  • Iphone sync
  • And many more ...

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