Appointments for WooCommerce makes the complex tasks of billing and accepting payments an easy process.


Add a Payment Step to your Booking System

This addon simply adds a WooCommerce's checkout as a payment step,  you get paid as soon as your clients book you.

Your clients only need to:

  1. Enter billing details
  2. Add credit card details
  3. Submit to pay

See how it works below.



Charge with any Payment Methods

WooCommerce allows you to get paid with all sorts of payment methods:

  • Stripe for  credit cards
  • Paypal
  • Amazon Pay
  • etc ..

All the methods you configure within WooCommerce will be available when a client pays for a booking.


Set it up in seconds

Once you activate it, you will only need to :

  1. Set the price of your service
  2. Customize the payment step
  3. And you're good to go!

See below how it works

Relax and Get Paid

Appointments for WooCommerce with WooCommerce takes care of:

  • Handling payments
  • Handling billing and taxes

This way you just have to focus on what matters, providing great services to your clients and get paid for it.