Your Admin Calendar allows you to get full control of your week and the coming ones, make changes to your bookable time and appointments.


The grey blocks show your available time for appointments or, as we like to say in Wappointment, when you are bookable!

You can modify your regular weekly availability from your settings at any time.

You can also create punctual availability from your Admin Calendar.

When you mouse hover, a tag comes visible indicating the type of availability the slot corresponds to.

Non-bookable time

The white areas of your calendar are your non-bookable time. The slots in diagonal shows when you are busy, and so when you are also unavailable for bookings.

Your busy time might come from your personal calendar’s events. Learn how to synchronize with your personal calendar if you didn’t do it yet.

Form your admin calendar you can also block time directly.

You can check the source of your busy time by hovering the event.

Slots available for bookings

As you well imagine, the number of possible appointments will depend on your bookable time and the duration of your service (plus any buffer time between appointments that you might have set).

You can see the number of slots available in the top of your Admin Calendar, next to the week.


Your timezone is indicated in the upper-right corner. You can modify it at any time from the settings.

But the beauty of your Admin Calendar is that it allows you to visualize your availability in different timezones without modifying your settings.

Let´s say you have to schedule an appointment with a client who is placed in Mexico. Which time will work for both of you?

Just look for Mexico in the drop-down menu on the right top corner and that´s it, now your availability is displayed in Mexico´s time. It seems early in the morning in Mexico would be suitable to both of you!


And finally, the best of your calendar: bookings!

The appointments your clients book from your website are displayed here.

When placing the cursor over the appointment, an eye icon will appear, allowing to visualize extra information on your client such as email or phone number. Pretty handy if you need to contact them!

From your Admin Calendar, you can reserve an appointment on behalf of your client. A confirmation email will be sent to your client with the booking details.

If you need to reschedule an appointment, simply drag it into the new time slot. An email will be sent to your client with the details of the rescheduled booking.

So, start using your Admin Calendar at its full extent! If you don’t have it yet, just install it on your WordPress’ site. It is free!

She loves design and strive to make this plugin the simplest and most comfortable to work with.