Get Booked From Your WordPress Site

Receiving traffic on your website is no easy task, you need to invest time and money to make sure potential prospects get to know you. Once you get traffic, how do you convert  visitors into clients? That's another big challenge, and it shouldn't be all that hard.

Getting Visitors To Contact You

Whether you provide services online or at your physical address, your ultimate purpose is to get your agenda fully booked every week and get paid. Now chances are that you already provide a visible call-to-action on most of your pages so that visitors can quickly contact you over the phone or send you an email through a contact form.

Over The Phone

Displaying your phone number on your website is a great way to reassure potential customers and provide them a direct line to you. It definitely removes barriers and makes you accessible which based on your business can be great especially if you're just starting.

Now if you're starting to get more and more traffic on your site and receive more calls than you can handle. It quickly can become a pain to deal with these calls the whole day. Getting constantly interrupted while working will make you less efficient in what you do and ultimately the service you provide will be of lesser quality.

Through A Contact Form

The most common feature for any website on the web is the contact form, whether it's here to help answer pre-sales questions, provide support or simply make an appointment. There are various solutions existing to get this done, the most popular plugins for WordPress are the following:

Depending on your needs you can take care of really complex scenarios thanks to those plugins.

These are a great way to get a first contact, also it allows you to deal with customers' requests asynchronously meaning you can dedicate special time during your day to reply to your customers instead of being randomly interrupted during the whole day.

Now you will receive various contact requests daily about many different topics. But for sure depending on your business some will be redundant. And you need a way to deal with the most common requests in the most efficient way.

This is a question that you need to ask yourself based on the kind of services you provide to customers, and maybe based on your experience.

If you provide services with specific durations to your customers, then using our appointment scheduling plugin will benefit your activity.

Appointments Plugin For WordPress

Wappointment was created firstly for service based businesses, the idea is to make the process of getting booked a breeze.

Make An Appointment As A Visitor

The concept is simple, your visitors will find in your site a "Book now" button

  1. Once they click the "Book now" button, a calendar with your availability will appear
  2. They select a day when your available
  3. Then they select a time slot when your available
  4. Next they have to enter a few personal details, Name, Email, Phone
  5. Finally they get a confirmation screen from which they can save their appointment in their personal calendar(Google, Ical, Outlook etc..).
  6. All the appointment summary is sent again to them by email
Booking process

Setup Wappointment Under 1 Minute

Wappointment is made for dummies,  in our design process we made sure that no one will feel overwhelmed using our plugin.

Setting up Wappointment is extremely straight forward, you will be facing a simple 3-steps wizard in which the most basic setup to start getting booked will be covered.

The three steps of the wizard are as follow:

  1. Weekly Availability: drag and drop the time slots where you allow customers to make an appointment
  2. Service Setup: describe the service you provide, set its duration and how do you provide it, over the phone, at a location or on Skype
  3. Booking Wiget Setup: design the widget setup, change the colors, texts, making sure it will blend with your website's style


Appointment booking process
Wappointment 3-steps booking wizard

Wappointment Is Free

Wappointment is a free plugin for WordPress, you can install it easily from your WordPress' dashboard in the Plugins' page.

We could write extensively about it but it's so simple to use that we believe it's just better to install it and try it directly.