If you’re reaching this guide, most likely you have a server with PHP 8 running and you couldn’t complete Wappointment’s installation process.

Wappointment for PHP 8 is not ready yet

And the reason is simple, we’re still working on it, making sure it’s flawless.

We already have a few sites running on Wappointment with PHP 8 without issue.

So please come and join the fun to try that version and give us feedback.

Install our beta version for PHP 8

It’s a beta version set to 2.5.0-beta, meaning as soon as we reach the official version 2.5.0 you will join back our stable branch. The 2.5.0 version should be officially released in January-February of 2022.

In order to install that version, simply download the ZIP file below:

And install that zip on your site following that guide.

Ben takes care of all technical aspects of Wappointment. His ultimate goal, a 100% reliable solution that's just powerful enough to cover all of the possible needs for appointment scheduling.