Lifetime usage

All of our addons licences give you a lifetime usage, so that’s simple. You pay once, you can use the addon forever.

All in one Pack

If you have purchased the all in one pack, the idea behind it is that you will get all our addons within that bundle, that means the existing ones and the ones to be released in the future too. So during the first year of your licence you will get access to the new addons being released during that year.


Maintaining an appointment booking system requires a lot of work, and we’re constantly updating the main plugin and its addons and plan on doing so for long. So when you buy a licence, you get access to those updates for one year. After that year, if you want to get access to our new updates, you will need to renew.

What about Security Updates?

Keeping you safe is our highest priority. If a security issue is found in one of our addons, we will make this update available to all of our clients whether their licence has expired or not.

Renewing a licence

You are not required to renew, but we encourage you to, as you will get more improvements with the years and also you make sure this project can last through time. It’s a win win, you make us happy and we’ll make your booking system better and more robust. Also if you are into the project, then renew early and get 50% off with our discounts .