Each of our licence give you access to a life time usage on the addons they cover.

This said, all licences have an expiry date, and once they expire, you will not get access to new updates on the addons that are covered by the licence. You will still be able to use the addons you have installed, you will simply not get new updates.


In order to make the renewal process as easy as possible, we offer the following discounts.

Renew your licence:

  • 120 days or more before expiry = 50% off
  • 90 days up to 120 days before expiry = 40% off
  • 60 days up to 90 days before expiry = 30% off
  • 30 days to 60 days before expiry = 20% off
  • 1day up to 30 days before expiry = 10% off

What’s my new expiry date after renewal?

If you renew 30 days before your licence expires, your new licence will expire in 365 + 30 = 395 days