In Wappointment, your confirmations, reminders and admin notifications emails are sent using your WordPress’ site sending method. If no proper configuration is made, chances are that your emails will fail to send or will end up in the SPAM of your clients.

Check the current configuration

In order to view and modify your current email configuration, go to Wappointment > Settings > Emails & SMS > then click the button Reconfigure It at the bottom of the page and you will reach the configuration screen.

Default mail method

By default your emails are sent through your WordPress’ site default sending method, from one hosting to another the result can be really different while you may be using a well configured server where the emails will be sent properly, it might just send emails straight to SPAM or just don’t send anything.

Some of you may already have configured your WordPress’ site to send emails through a SMTP plugin.

Third party SMTP plugins

Wappointment is compatible with the following SMTP plugins:

If you have one of those installed and configured, it will be automatically detected by Wappointment in the default mail method (see Email Configuration screen above)

While it’s handy, it comes with an issue: .ICS attachments will not be sent

Most of our reminders and confirmation emails include a .ICS file summarizing the event. This file is really useful as it allows your clients to quickly save the event to their personal calendar (e.g.: Google Calendar), also depending on their settings they might have the event automatically added to their personal calendar as they receive the confirmation or reminder email which is great to reduce no show.

In order to make sure the .ICS file is sent within our emails, you’ll need to setup a different sending method, it will work with either:

Configure a SMTP

Just click on the SMTP box and enter all of the details of your SMTP:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Hostname
  • Port number
  • Encryption: SSL, TLS or no encryption

You can obtain those details from your SMTP provider, please note that some ports may be blocked by your hosting company for security reason. So some configuration may not work.

Finally some SMTP host are not working with the .ics attachments(Amazon SES for instance), so we’ve added an option to disable them.

While if you are technical and use to configure SMTP, this should be easy, you need to keep in mind that the simplest, fastest and most reliable of all sending methods with Wappointment is either MailGun API or SendGrid’s API so if you are having issue setting up your SMTP, we will always recommend you one of these methods.

Changing the sender email or From Address

When configuring any of the email sending method you need to pay attention to the From address which is set, it’s important to make sure that your sending method is allowed to send on behalf of that address. If it’s not, you will have a high chances of ending up in the SPAM or emails might not even be sent.

Also if you are using a Third Party SMTP plugin you will not be able to set the From address from Wappointment, you will have to configure that within your SMTP plugin directly.

Otherwise in order to change it, simply click on the From Address line, edit it and hit save.

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