You own a Google account? Great! You can send emails reliably for free using Google’s SMTP servers.

Getting my app credentials

When sending emails with Google’s SMTP you will have to go to Wappointment email sending method configuration screen and select the SMTP box and enter the following details:

  • Username: Your Gmail address
  • Password: An APP password will have to be generated in Google’s account panel
  • Hostname:
  • Port number: 465 if SSL 587 if TLS
  • Encryption: SSL or TLS

Generating an APP password

This step was not always required, in the past you were using the password of your Google/Gmail account, which was simple, but unsafe.

Anyway it’s now safe and simple to generate:

  • Log in to your Google account
  • Go to My Account > Security
  • Go to App Passwords
  • Select the type of App or Device
  • Click Generate
  • Copy the password given to you

That’s it you have all that is needed, you only need to head back to Wappointment’s sending method configuration screen and enter all the details.

If an error occurred, it could be because your server is blocking port 465 or block 587, in that case, you should contact your hosting company so that they open that port, or simply choose a different sending method to setup. We recommend you SendGrid’s method as a backup plan always.

Ben takes care of all technical aspects of Wappointment. His ultimate goal, a 100% reliable solution that's just powerful enough to cover all of the possible needs for appointment scheduling.